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Merle Lainjarv PRM

My interest and enthusiasm for natural health and complementary therapies has developed over a long period of time, having personally experienced the benefits of them.
I have a genuine understanding about the effects of stress on an individuals physical and psychological health and wellbeing and the supportive role that holistic therapies such as Reflexology and Reiki can play in managing stress and improving overall wellbeing.
I am a qualified and experienced Therapist providing individually tailored Reflexology and other therapies in the comfort of your own home.
Please remember these therapies are complementary NOT alternative, and each session is taken at your pace and tailored to your individual needs.
I am a Professional Reflexology member and fully insured. I live in Cambridgeshire and work in Newmarket, Cambridge, Huntingdon and surrounding areas.

Professional Reflexology is a mark of the highest standards of training, ethics and experience achievable in the UK. Maintaining high membership criteria gives PR Members the status they deserve, and the public confidence that their treatments will be competent safe and professional.

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Updated 1st January 2017