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Shindo is a system of massage, stretching and relaxing exercises, which aims at balancing the body and mind. Stretching and breathing release physical and emotional tension. Each part of your body and each energy canal has a specific task to fulfill. Various unbalanced conditions (stress, physical and emotional tension) disturb body's natural balance. When your body's energy is balanced, you'll be healthy and feel wonderful. Contrary to yoga, Shindo's stretches are performed with the curved back.

Shindo is like yang and yoga like yin. Yin is cold, Yang is warm. If you live in cold climate, you need warming up.

Shindo was born at the beginning of the 80s in Japan. Sensei Kazuko Kuratomi needed treatment for his daughter's asthma and allergy. After uselessly trying to get help from medicine, he decided to find treatment from his childhood experiences. In his childhood memories he found touch and warmth. At a conference about eastern traditions he discovered a book on foot massage and its meaning. He tried this method on his daughter every day and after some time she started getting better and was finally completely healthy.
Over time, Shindo has developed into a comprehensive and multifunctional, however simple self-help method for people of any age and physical condition.

As a method, it is in constant development and completion and is not related to any philosophical or religious trend. The founder's, Sensei Kazuko Kuratomi's, constant self-development and studying encourages the followers to be open to anything new.

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